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We’re expertly qualified to assist clinicians who utilize digital impression systems. Prescribed restorations are consistently well-fitting and able to be fabricated from the most modern materials.

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Quality Dental Arts Utilizes The Most Preferred High Quality Platforms

Quality Dental Arts offers a wide variety of restorations over implants. Our implant specialists are highly trained on all implant systems and requirements and available for all of your case planning needs. Quality Dental Arts uses a variety of implant systems to scan and design custom abutments. Using these systems allows us to efficiently match the appropriate abutments to each patient’s implant.
At Quality, we offer an extensive selection of dental implant products with unbeatable customer service and support. Our dedicated, highly skilled technicians specialize in fabricating cementable, fixed, screw retained, removable and CAD/CAM implant restorations.

The use of implant-supported single crowns has become a well-established and preferred approach to compensate missing single teeth. There are two different types of prosthetic restorations fixed on dental implants: Screw-retained and cemented restorations. The choice of method is usually based on the clinician's preference. Retrievability is the main advantage of screw-retained crowns that would make it more favorable to many clinicians.  It allows better control on the hygiene of the implants and surrounding mucosa, also, crowns can be easily repaired in case of crown fracture.  On the other hand, cases when the access hole is on the incisal edges or cusps teeth or easier access to the posterior area of the mouth is needed, cemented crown restorations could be more practical.

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